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“I want to get the fun across”

Christoph Broll began his violin and piano lessons when he was only five years old. At 15, he found additional inspiration and security with Mechthild Stein. The piano methods of Carl A. Martiensen and Prof. Max Martin Stein, a protégé of Max Reger, guided the young musician in the course of his studies at the Cologne Music Academy (classic piano) and the Hogeschool vor de Kunsten Arnhem in the Netherlands (jazz violin). For Broll, universal musical styles convey authentic and spiritual power.

Production / Musical Director

Since 1995, Christoph Broll has served as Musical Director for many different high-profile events, trade fair and variety shows. He works with the directors Thomas Bruchhäuser and Christian Eggert on these events. Production/Musical Director References: Trade fair show at the IAA Frankfurt, Auto Salon Paris and Geneva 2006, ”Die Tafel” Vorwerk 2007, “Rewe-lution” in Budapest 2008, presentations of the new Porsche Cayenne 2009, Annual Opening Raiffeisen in Salzburg 2009, “Rail” at the Westfalenhalle in Dortmund and many more.

3 violinists among you

The three powerful violin virtuosos Mani Neumann of farfarello, Klaus, the violinist from Cologne, and Christoph Broll liked each other and each other’s individual musical styles from the very first meeting. So it was only a small step to joint improvisations in order to discover the music of the moment. Their goal: Showing their improvisations without any sheet music or prior coordination. Guitarist Ulli Brand (farfarello) supported the 3 violinists at their performances. Following their legendary “1 € Cult Concert" at Cologne's Lutherkirche (south), the renowned Cologne author Dieter Wellershoff dedicated a wonderful and fitting poetic creation called "Ins Sein gelangen" (Coming into being) to the project.

Must have the violin

As a founding member of the world music band Szenario, Christoph Broll has played with Stefan Bender (guitar), Enno Kremser (bass), Mario Wissmann (drums), Sheila Gathright (vocal), F.J. Haanstra (percussion), Christoph Peeters (electric guitar), Joe Duboz (keyboard), Stefan Dreyer (electric guitar), Butch Williams (vocal) and Xaver Fischer (keyboard) all over the world for nearly two decades. They performed at several thousand events around the globe – with different ensembles. Events included the Harley Davidson European Bike Week, the German Bundespresseball, events hosted by FC Bayern München, Porsche...
Szenario CD releases: “soare” 1997 and “one world” 2004.

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